For the better part of the last week (and much of my Thanksgiving vacation), I have struggled mightily with the beasts known as Javascript and Dashcode to bring you (well … mostly me) an easy way to always have your local MTB racing calendar at the touch of a button. And while the battle was long, I have bested the Apple-ian beast and bring you … MTB Calendar on your Mac OS X dashboard.


If you would like some of this action, download the widget:

Uncompress it and add it to your dashboard. If you click the (i) button in the lower right corner, you can choose which region’s races you would like to view. It updates about every 15 minutes and only shows upcoming races. If you need more info on any race, just click on it’s name.

Sadly, as you can probably already guessed by the description above, this is Mac only. However, I am looking at creating a clone of this in Yahoo! widgets when I get some free time. Also, I have a version of this almost ready for your website (blogger, myspace, etc.) but I need to add a few more options. Expect it later this month.

github_logo.pngI’ll be posting more about the coding aspects of my journey later this week (I’ve learned a lot of lessons about Apple’s Dashcode). In the meantime, you can check out the source code at my GitHub repository (mtb-calendar-widget). For those of you down with git, the public clone URL is git:// and I am certainly cool with patches.

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