While you weren’t looking, I slipped a new release of the website online (For those of you following at home, this is version 217 – “blue hawaii”). It was mostly born of a vacation (and attached air travel) to Oahu early this month.

It boasts some new YUI Library CSS Tools, which have somewhat cleaned up the mess that I called a website design. The most helpful part of the toolkit was the YUI Grids CSS which provided me with a fairly bombproof layout with a minimum of effort. Thank you Yahooligans.

There are also quite a few usability and bug fixes. Gone are the broken URLs in the “add to google calendar” button. No more strange google maps shenanigans. Even some of the geocoding has been improved (but is still problematic).

Overall, I think this has taken quite a few steps to become a beta product. Enjoy — and don’t forget to comment or send an email if you find something b0rk3d.

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