User Tom asks:

I am prepping for the 2011 racing season and want to look all the previous 2010 races to see the names, locations, distances, etc. But I only see the current and upcoming races, nothing historical.

Can you provide a link to go “backward” to see the older races (ideally by year)  and not just only the current and upcoming races?

Yeppers. One of the many, many undocumented features of MTBcalendar is the ability to see past events by both YEAR (like 2008, 2009, etc.) and TAG (like NorCal or my favorite snow).

To see events by year, you need to use a URL in the form of[the year] where [the year] is something like 2009. For example, these are the years that are currently in the database:

  • 2007 (well … there’s only really one here … but it totally counts)
  • 2008
  • 2009
  • 2010
  • 2011 (Yes, we can even see the future)

Obviously, these URLs show you ALL race from that year. You might better off just grabbing your favorite tag (which tends to be the region like NorCal, SoCal or East) and using that one. You loose the nice organizing by year, but it’s probably more manageable to browse.

Let me know if there are other ways that you’d like to see the events in MTBcalendar.

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