Just as I completed the “export event” feature (see last blog entry), I realized that it was chock full of sucktitude: it was taking up to much space, it made the interface cluttered and didn’t provide any guidance on what the links did.

So I redesigned the links into a dialog box with the help of the cool ModalBox javascript library. Now, it looks like this:


We now have just a single link (“Export to External Calendar”) which opens up the modal dialog box with some instructions and links to the different calendars we support (yes, Apple iCal will be coming back).

For those of you keeping track at home, this is revision 695 (“crazy game of poker”) of the website. In addition to the new export event interface, we also added links to the race types (e.g. XC, DH, etc.) so that you can easily find all events with specific race types (detailed here). You can see the links on the event detail page, just above the export event link.

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