twitter.jpgThis afternoon, I deployed version #667 of the website (the number of the beast’s brother). Two things we added here:

  • Finding events by race formats: you can now find events by the type of races that they offer. For example, you can find all the MTB cross country races at: Similarily, you can find all the MTB downhill races at I haven’t yet baked this into the user interface so in the meantime, you’ll have to use these links or type it in yourself (just change the last part of the URL to whatever two letter race abbreviation like cx for cyclocross that you want).
  • Twitter integration: You can now follow mtbcalendar on twitter for news about upgrades to the website and new races. Just head over to and you can follow away. We’ll add more to the twitter feed as we think of them.

As always, drop us some feedback if you want new features or see something amiss.

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