I’ve been super lazy about blogging lately (too much work) but there is a lot of work going into the website. Since my last post, I’ve deployed about 80 changes to the site (bringing us to release 656 “Panic Switch” which I pushed up to the server today). Notable changes include:

  • Added “clone” event option: this allows people to quickly create a series of events after entering one event. You’ll see a “duplicate page” icon near the title of your events, which will then create a clone and allow you to enter it. This should come in handy for race series.
  • Added support for non-US events. This is still very early, but we at least show them on the map and acknowledge that there are races in other countries :)
  • Added support to mark duplicate events. You will now see a red box at the top of duplicate events redirecting you to the “better” event summary.
  • Migrated the server from Nginx+Mongrel to Nginx+Passenger (mod_rails). I should have done this soon: lower memory usage (with Enterprise Ruby), faster and easier to monitor.
  • Upgrade server to supported version of Ubuntu
  • Added many, many more tests.

I’ve got support for finding events by their races (e.g. cross-country, downhill, etc.) almost debugged and I’ll be rolling it out soon. Also on tap is the ability to export events to Google Calendar, Yahoo! Calendar and possibly even Microsoft Outlook.

As always, drop us some feedback if you need a feature or spot something amiss.

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