Late last night, I deployed revision 497 (“Collapse”) to the website. It’s the second to last deployment before we launch next week. A shortened version of the changelog:

  • Added website tour for new/unregistered users
  • Added very primitive ability for users to enter results for their races
  • Added hometown field to user profile. This will be used later to allow users to search around their hometown for races.
  • Added site search via Google Search
  • Added hover styling for links, especially for the tags page (where we have multi-word tags)
  • Added iPhone/Touch icons
  • Added a lot of formating cleanups (sigh)

We’ve got just one more set of changes to deploy before we call this thing “one dot oh.” Unfortunately, I need a short restart to do that. So sometime just before midnight Pacific Standard Time on January 31st, I’ll be rebooting the server and we will be off the air for 5 minutes (assuming everything goes well).

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