Sorry for the lack of updates over the past three weeks, but I’ve been very busy coding. When I last blogged, I had deployed revision 217 (“blue hawaii”) to the site. Last night, I deployed revision 323 (“snakes on a plane”). And if you’ve been watching the website, it looks vastly different (hopefully better).

Here are the major changes:

  • Comments for everyone ! Well, maybe not everyone. But people with accounts on can now add comments (with textile formatting) to any event now.
  • Rounded corners ! (except for IE 6). And hopefully better formating throughout the site (even for IE 6 users). While I will be continuing to support IE 6 (making sure it at least works), you will be looking at a very basic version of the site if you aren’t on a modern browser (IE 7+, Safari 3+ or Mozilla 3+). Seriously, upgrade please.
  • Better iCal exporting. We now correctly export to iCal and Google calendar with Yahoo! calendar coming soon. And all events validate correctly.
  • Personal Calendars. When logged in, you can click the “My Calendar” button on the top right to see past and future races that you’ve added to your personal calendar. And you can subscribe to your calendar via iCal or RSS.
  • Microformats. I’ve revamped the microformat support to include geo markup. However, it is hidden so you will need to make sure “show hidden microformats” are enabled if you are using Operator in firefox.

This brings most of the changes that I wanted before the 2009 MTB race season. However, I will be working diligently over the next few days to add the ability for racers to record their race results (and hopefully display it on their blogs). Look for something this weekend or early next week.

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