Just a quick update on some development activity here at MTBcalendar headquarters:

Dashboard Widget

I’ve upgrade the Mac Dashboard widget to version 0.43 and created a dedicated documentation page to it on this site and at GitHub. The newest version fixes some bandwidth / request issues and adds a little more polish.

Grab the newest version here.

Oh, it also has a new icon. Thanks Pixelmator.

Javascript Widget

I didn’t really announce this here, but I now have a basic javascript badge that will put regional races on your blog/website. I described the process for this on my NorCal MTB Racing blog but I also have put up a page here about it. I’ll update the page here with more details later this week.

I have a lot of ideas for badges, especially ones that show your personal race schedule. However, I am short on design experience so these might have to wait.


I’m slowly putting the final touches on the website to officially launch around January 1st, 2009 (yes, that means I have been in beta for about 1 year). However, this has let me get to a point where everything basically works and I can work more on user experience than just hoping the site stays up.

Top on my list of todos:

  1. clean up account page
  2. add more documentation to event entry page
  3. add tour of features/documentation to site (so people actually know how to use the features

Since I am off work for until next year, you’ll probably read here a lot more about this.

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